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Bifold Wallet Kit

$ 42.00

Get Everything You Need

  • Patent-pending Fabnik Stitching Pony
  • Nikwax Leather DWR treatment and application cloth
  • John James harness needles
  • Patent-pending Fabnik Stitching Pins
  • Fil Au Chinois Lin Cable waxed linen thread
  • Laser cut Pergamena full grain goatskin leather

All you need is a pair of scissors.

Learn the Saddle Stitch

Our beautiful online instructions teach you the saddle stitch, a traditional way of sewing leather that’s stronger than machine stitching.

Estimated make time: 1 - 2 hrs. 

Lose the Bulk, Keep the Capacity

Our goatskin leather is extremely thin and tough enough for years of use. The bifold is less than 1/4" thick empty, and about 1/2" carrying everything you see here.

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