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Lockpick Wallet Kit

Lockpick Wallet Kit

A wallet that not only holds your cards and cash, but also a set of Serepick's Bogota Pi lockpicks, should you find yourself locked out of your house or challenged to an impromptu locksport battle. The picks are titanium and the wallet is full grain goatskin leather - the whole package makes a nice, minimal wallet with some unexpected functionality.

Get Everything You Need

  • Patent-pending Fabnik Stitching Pony
  • Beeswax and burnishing cloth
  • John James harness needles
  • Patent-pending Fabnik Stitching Pins
  • Fil Au Chinois Lin Cable waxed linen thread
  • Laser cut Pergamena full grain goatskin leather
  • Titanium Bogota Pi lockpicks by Serepick

All you need is a pair of scissors.

Learn the Saddle Stitch

Our beautiful online instructions teach you the saddle stitch, a traditional way of sewing leather that’s stronger than machine stitching.

Estimated make time: 30 min. 

Bring Your Tools Everywhere

Our goatskin leather is extremely thin and tough enough for years of use. The lockpick wallet is just over 1/8" thick empty, and still under 1/2" carrying everything you see here.

$ 70.00