Can I actually make this stuff? Will my results look as good as yours do?

If you follow the directions, yes. Every kit is designed so a conscientious novice can make it as good or better than we show in the instructions.

What if I get stuck?

Then we haven't done our job. Please text us at 412-573-1300 - even mid-stitch - and we'll help out. As long as one of us is awake, we'll get back to you in just a few minutes.

I/ my friend/ a reviewer has one of your kits and liked it, but X was a problem. Is that fixed?

Almost certainly. We're constantly improving our kits based on user feedback. Please write us at hi@fabnik.com to see if a particular issue has been fixed. If it hasn't yet, it probably will be after you write.

Can you make a kit for Y?

If there's something you want to make, we can probably make a kit to help. Please send your dream kit request to hi@fabnik.com. It might be something we've wanted to do and your support will help us push it out the door.

Do you do custom orders?

Modifying our designs - If you like one of our kits, but want a small change made to it, we can probably do it. If you order fewer than 10, each will cost more than a stock kit. If you order more than 10, each will cost less.

Your own design - If you have cut-ready files for something you'd like made of our leather, we are almost certainly the fastest and most affordable option for cutting 10-100 pieces.

How much is shipping?

It's free inside the US. And we subsidize international shipping by at least that much to help make it affordable everywhere.

Do you ship outside the US?

Absolutely! Anywhere in the world.

What's your warranty?

All of our kits have a warranty against manufacturing defects for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Do you accept returns?

Yes! We accept returns on unused kits for any reason within 90 days of purchase.